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Rainy Wedding Day at Creekside Event Center

This rainy wedding day was one for the books! There are always little things that go wrong on a wedding day. Maybe the makeup artist is late, you forget the wedding certificate or a groom picks up their suit with no pants (all of which have happened to me), but this was definitely new. During the ceremony, there was a torrential downpour that would just not end. I’m talking hurricane-like winds and total downpour. I swear we got a full year’s worth of rain in about 3 hours.

Luckily, the ceremony and reception were all indoors anyway. We knew we couldn’t go outside so we did the family portraits inside. While waiting it out, we went to photograph the reception area, which was flooding. Like, a lot. The bride later asked me how much water I thought there was in the venue. I said more than a bathtub for sure. Lol! I was so amazed at what great attitudes this couple had the whole day. They had a lot thrown at them on an already high-stress day and they just focused on their love for each other and laughed the rest off.

Rainy Wedding Day at Creekside Event Center

I once saw a quote from Fearless Photographers that said, “The amateur makes great photos when everything is going right. The professional makes great photos when everything is going wrong. That’s what you’re paying for.” It applies so much to this wedding! There was so much water inside the reception area that I figured, why not use it to our advantage!? We moved a few tables and took some photos with the bride and groom reflected in the pool of water. All the while, there was a team of people cleaning up around us.

Eventually, the rain did stop and we were able to take some portraits outside. And just in time for an epic sunset too! Those post-storm skies are really powerful, aren’t they? We stayed out a bit longer to get some really cool night shots. After all the rain and flooding, I really wanted to make sure this awesome couple had some amazing couple’s portraits. In the end, the only thing that really matters is that they are married! Now, they have beautiful photos of the happy memories of their day. And those stressful, chaotic ones will just make for some great stories later on!

bridal details at Colorado Springs wedding

groom gets ready for colorado springs wedding

bride gets ready for wedding at Creekside Event Center

dad sees bride before wedding at Creekside Event Center

Great Gatsby themed wedding ceremony details

1920's themed wedding ceremony

Colorado couple gets married at indoor wedding ceremony

newlywed couple walks down aisle at indoor reception

family and wedding party portraits in Colorado wedding

Great Gatsby themed wedding reception details

Bride and groom at rainy wedding reception

1920's themed wedding reception

newlywed couple at rainy wedding reception

couple has first dance on rainy wedding day

guests dance on rainy wedding day

newlyweds pose for portraits on rainy wedding day

couple posed under Colorado sky after rainy wedding day

Colorado newlyweds kiss in front of sunset

Colorado bride and groom silhouetted against stormy sky

Bride and groom hold each other after rainy wedding day

wedding rings at Creekside Event Center

Amazing Colorado Springs Wedding Vendors

Colorado Wedding Venue: Creekside Event Center

Colorado Wedding Photographer: Katie Corinne Photography

Wedding Invitations: Amaranth Artistry

Colorado Hair Stylist: Stephanie Crytser

Bride’s Wedding Dress: Blue Bridal Boutique

Wedding Caterer: Picnic Basket Catering

Wedding DJ: All Star DJs


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