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Boudoir photography is all about celebrating womanhood. These portraits are sexy without being pornographic. Boudoir is sensual and intimate and celebrates the body. It’s about tousling those bedroom curls, putting on some make up, strapping on some fabulous shoes, sipping a little champagne and enjoying yourself while I capture you in the most flattering way. Ladies, this […]

Gorgeous photographs…the latest and greatest equipment…becoming an expert on lighting, posing and creating art.  Yes Yes I have it all but it didn’t come easy 🙂  lol  I kid but actually it’s true.  I feel like I didn’t actually become a better photographer until I started honing my craft.  Even if you are born naturally […]

Alright the disclaimer first….I’m not a former employee of Canon nor do I profess myself to be an expert of all custom functions or intricacies of my camera but I think as a professional photographer not all of us are and we are all learning and trying to keep up with our own technology and […]

So as a wedding photographer, I have a lot of experience helping brides find the right people to make their wedding day perfect.  However, as a bride myself, having to search for my perfect twin wedding photographer; well it was an eye-opening experience.  First, it gave me incredible insight as to being on the other […]

Boudoir Photography.  Many people are still unfamiliar with this type of portraiture photography.  A “boudoir” is a lady’s private bedroom generally and the term derives from the French word “bouder” meaning “to pout.”  The portraiture, however, has been done since the beginning of the 20th century and became most popular with Hollywood Starlets (Jean Harlow, […]

So change is going to happen.  It is inevitable, in my own life (getting engaged 😉 )and in my business and professional life. When I first started in photography, my goals, my style and my experience were completely different from what they are today.  Starting out in this business, I was “freelance,” photographing weddings on […]

Welcome and thank you for reading at least the first sentence of my first blog!  As you probably noticed from the title of this dazzling new editorial forum, I’m a photographer, most frequently shooting weddings but also other personal portraits of individuals and families. So to give you some insight about myself: I currently live in […]


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