Newborn and Pup Portraits

Photographing newborns can be challenging on its own, but adding a dog into the mix can make it even harder. That was not the case with these newborn and pup portraits! Baby Sophia was so great during her Colorado newborn session. The family dog was so, so easy to work with too. Sophia slept well through a lot of our session and when she wasn’t, she was making the cutest little faces at me and my camera.

Newborn and Pup Portraits – Baby Sophia

This was an in-home session so we did some of the photos in Sophia’s crib and on the bed. I love that we got so many pictures with the whole family and with each parent. Dad had to leave partway through our session so he could get to work but we made sure to include him in other ways. He is in the military so we used his uniform and dog tags in some of the photos. I love how the blue bow in that set ties everything together! I even used the arm of Dad’s jacket wrap around little Sophia because he’s always protecting her, even if he’s at work or overseas.

Their dog was so calm around the baby and very well behaved. A lot of the time, when I do newborn and pup portraits, I have to take two different photos and composite them together. I take one photo of the baby and a separate one with just the dog on the same background because we can’t get both of them to be calm at the same time. Sophia and her pup were so great together. They didn’t bother each other at all and we were able to get all these photos without any composites. I love it when my canine clients make things easier for me!

colorado springs newborn in her crib

colorado newborn girl on flower backdrop

colorado springs newborn girl

newborn at in home portrait session

colorado baby girl

colorado springs baby girl with blankie

colorado springs newborn baby girl

baby girl on pink background

baby girl in pink

Colorado mom holds newborn baby

Colorado parents hold newborn baby

Military dad holds newborn baby

Colorado Springs parents hold newborn baby

Military family holds newborn baby

Military family holds newborn baby girl

Colorado Springs mom holds newborn baby

newborn and pup posed for portraits

Colorado Military family holds newborn baby

newborn and pup posed for portraits in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Military family holds newborn baby and pup

Newborn on military uniform

Colorado Springs newborn on military uniform

Colorado newborn and pup posed for portraitss

Newborn at Colorado Springs in home photo shoot

Colorado Springs newborn and pup posed for portraits

newborn girl and pup posed for portraits


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