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Twin Newborns Poppy and Rowan

I love photographing twin newborns. The bond that twins have with each other from the very beginning is incredible to witness! Amy and her husband were so excited when they found out they were having twins. They have an older son who had been dying for a sibling and now he has two! They had been trying to have another baby for 3 years and the whole family was so happy when Amy got pregnant. I love stories like these! Amy is also a photographer so we really connected about work and business life. A lot of photographers are intimidated to work with other photographers but I love it! I can relate to clients like this on a whole other level and they understand what I’m doing and why.

Twin Newborns Poppy and Rowan

Rowan and Poppy were so sweet together. What really blew me away though, was how loving their big brother was. He was so enamored with them and kept doting on them throughout the session. Sometimes, I get siblings who are indifferent to their newborn brothers or sisters and while I know that’s temporary, it was so nice to see a sibling with so much love for his siblings right away. We did this session at the family’s house, which I’m sure helped everyone feel more comfortable too.

When I do at-home newborn sessions, I still pose the babies just like I would with studio sessions. I bring newborn outfits, wraps, props, backdrops, and even lights with me. Then, I find a spot to set up a little, mini studio in my client’s home. This session was no different. There were also a couple of furniture pieces and corners of their home that I just loved so we did some photos there too. For family photos, I usually look for a blank or interesting wall to use as the background. Their front door was just so cute so we did them there! I love how these twin newborn photos turned out and I can’t wait to see Poppy and Rowan grow up!

Colorado newborn girl

Colorado newborn twins

newborns on spring set up

Colorado newborn boy

older siblings with newborns

Colorado twin newborns in photo studio

older brother with baby siblings

family newborn photo in home

Colorado Springs newborns posed for photos

Newborn twins posed for photos


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