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Posed Newborn Portraits

I know I just did a post about themed newborn sessions but Baby Delani’s posed newborn portraits were so much fun too! Little Denali’s parents have tons of interests so they had a lot of ideas. We weren’t able to get to all of them (there’s only so much time in the day!) but we did cover quite a few of them! Incorporating digital backgrounds does make it easier to add in another theme quickly but there are still limits. This session had three different themes!

Denali’s parents love Star Wars so we did a Star Wars themed photo using a digital backdrop. This family also travels a lot so we did a beautiful travel themed set up using props that her parents got. The one we focused on the most though was hockey. Denali’s parents are huge Avalanche fans so we did a bunch of hockey and Av’s themed photos. They were so cute and so much fun. I really love the goalie photos. Even Denali had a blast taken those!  That wake baby smile is all natural Denali!

Posed Newborn Portraits – Baby Denali

If you’re planning your newborn session and have a lot of interests, I would suggest putting a list together. List the themes you want to incorporate with the props, outfits, and blankets you already have. Then, put them in order of priority. We can’t do everything, but I can help you figure out how long each theme will take and how many we can do in our session. I also think it’s so important to make time for non-themed posed newborn portraits and family photos. Interests change, jobs change, sports teams move towns. Make sure you have timeless photos to look back on as well as the fun themes. At this session, we made time for that with family photos (which can include grandparents and siblings, by the way!) as well as traditional posed newborn portraits in a couple of different wraps and outfits.

newborn baby posed with hockey puck

posed newborn portraits in Colorado

posed newborn portraits in Colorado Springs

posed newborn portraits in photo studio

posed newborn portraits with travel theme

globe trotting baby theme

travelling baby theme

baby girl posed newborn portraits

family photos with newborn

colorado family photos with newborn

father holds newborn girl

mother holds new baby girl

parents hold newborn baby

hockey themed newborn portraits

Avalanch hockey themed newborn portraits

Avs themed newborn portraits

posed newborn girl portaits

Colorado posed newborn girl portraits

Colorado posed newborn portraits

dad and daughter photo

star wars themed newborn portraits

floral posed newborn portraits


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