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Twins Cake Smash – Luke + Maggie

I’ve been working with this amazing family from the beginning! From Sean and Juliet’s engagement session to their wedding day to newborn photos and beyond! I love telling the stories of Colorado families and I am so glad this family keeps coming back to me because they are just so much fun! Last year, they had twins and they are growing up so fast! I was so excited when it came time for Maggie and Luke’s twins cake smash session. Cake smashes are some of the most fun sessions ever!

Luke and Maggie – Twins Cake Smash Session

Juliet and Sean decided to do a double cake smash for them and they each got their own adorable cakes from Icing on the Cake in Colorado Springs. I barely even got a photo of them before Luke dug right in! Lol! I think the best part of photographing twins milestone sessions is seeing the two kiddos grow and seeing how they react to things differently. Even at their newborn session, I could tell these two would have totally different personalities. It was so cute to see them fighting like brother and sister from day one. Maggie was being a total diva and Luke was the calmer of the two.

At their cake smash session, Maggie and Luke could not have been more different! First of all, they get along much better now. I guess they’ve grown to like each other now that they don’t have to share a womb! Maggie had the most mischievous grin for the whole session. Luke, on the other hand, was totally focused on his cake. I’ve seriously never seen a baby destroy a cake like that! It was very impressive. Lol! I also made sure to squeeze in a mini family session to make sure Mom and Dad got in the photos too. Because if you survived a year with twins, you deserve to have it documented, right?

One year old with father in Colorado Springs

Twin babies with their Colorado family

one year old baby with her father

Baby girl in newborn photography studio

Colorado Springs mother with twin babies

Baby girl celebrates first birthday

Baby girl in Colorado photo studio

Baby boy celebrates first birthday

Baby boy in Colorado photo studio

Colorado baby boy turns one

Colorado baby girl turns one

Colorado Twin babies eat cake at cake smash session

twins cake smash session in Colorado photo studio

Colorado babies smile at twins cake smash photo session

Baby boy stuffs his face at twins cake smash

Colorado one year olds have fun at twins cake smash




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